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Rules for media makers

Your content may represent our product, so we ask you to please follow our basic rules and not violate them.

Below are recommendations for the content quality:


We are not asking for cinematic masterpieces, but the video should be of acceptable quality.

  • The voice should be clearly audible, without noise or interference.
  • Background music may be present in the video, but it should not be louder than the voice.
  • The video resolution shouldn't be too low; the minimum acceptable resolution is 720p.
  • Advertisements for any forms of gambling services, any illegal websites, or projects are prohibited.
  • Any unlawful actions that may violate the law are not allowed.


We do not encourage videos containing flame towards the project and its administration or developers. However, constructive criticism is not prohibited.

  • Direct or indirect insults to other projects or individuals are not allowed.
  • If you have made a guide on something that already exists on YouTube (or elsewhere), there's nothing wrong with that. However, complete copying of someone else's video is prohibited.


During the use of our product, we recommend including a link to our project in the description or adding information to the content title.


  • The official name of the project is Neverlose. Any other variation, such as NeverLose, NeVeRlOsE, or any other variation, is incorrect.
  • Please always use original logos without any modifications as presented below.

logo 1

logo 2

logo 2 small